Open Olympic Thread Day 7: A Medal A Day.....


.... may keep the critics away, but not for long.

Marianne St.-Gelais won a silver medal for Canada in the women's short track 500m speed skating last night, which brings us to a total of 6 medals (2 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze) in 6 days.  Although many other Canadian athletes had their chances yesterday, Marianne was the only one of them to earn a place on a podium.

Today is another extremely busy day, with a lot more hockey, curling, quite a few medal events, as well as the first appearance of skeleton.  Schedule after the jump, visit and for canadian coverage of events.

9:00 Men's Curling Round Robin Session 4: Denmark vs USA, Germany vs Norway, Canada vs Sweden (RSN), Great Britain vs Switzerland

9:30 Alpine Skiing Ladies' Super Combined Downhill (CTV)

10:20 Biathlon Women's Individual 15km (Medal Event) (TSN)

12:00 Men's Hockey USA vs Norway (RSN)

12:30 Alpine Skiing Ladies' Super Combined Slalom (Medal Event) (TSN)

12:30 Snowboard Ladies' Halfpipe (Qualification) (TSN is scheduled to pop in for a half hour)

13:00 Speed Skating Ladies' 1000m (Medal Event) (CTV)

13:20 Biathlon Men's Individual 20km (Medal Event)

14:00 Women's Curling Round Robin Session 4: Canada vs Germany (TSN), China vs Japan, Great Britain vs Russia, Denmark vs USA

14:30 Women's Hockey USA vs Finland (RSN)

16:00 Snowboard Ladies' Halfpipe (Semifinals)

16:00 Women's Skeleton Heat 1

16:30 Men's Hockey Canada vs Switzerland (CTV) (Sean will have a separate thread up for this at gametime)

17:00 Figure Skating Men's Free Skate (Medal Event) (TSN)

17:10 Women's Skeleton Heat 2

18:00 Snowboard Ladies' Halfpipe (Finals) (Medal Event) (RSN)

18:30 Men's Skeleton Heat 1

19:00 Men's Curling Round Robin Session 5: Sweden vs China, Great Britain vs Denmark, Norway vs Switzerland, France vs Canada (RSN)

19:00 Women's Hockey China vs Russia

20:00 Men's Skeleton Heat 2

21:00 Men's Hockey Russia vs Slovakia (TSN)


Canadian Athletes to Watch For:

- Jon Montgomery won the inaugural World Cup skeleton race here last February, while Jeff Pain won silver for this event in 2006.  They will be joined by Mike Douglas, and Canada could easily get 2 medals here.  Michelle Kelly is joined on the women's side by Melissa Hollingsworth, who currently holds a world track record for skeleton.

- Shannon Rempel, Brittany Schussler, Christine Nesbitt and Kristina Groves will all represent Canada in the speed skating.

- Zina Kocher, Megan Tandy, Megan Imrie and Rosanna Crawford are all participating in the women's biathlon, while Jean-Phillipe Leguellec starts in a strong position for the men's biathlon.

-Sarah Conrad, Mercedes Nicoll and Palmer Taylor will be in the Ladies' Halfpipe, but the highest expectations for them is cracking the top 10.


Here's your thread.  Bring on the comments.  Sean will have the hockey gamethread up later.

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