Olympics Open Thread - Day 5: The 16th...Finally

Let's start with a classic (and hopefully, how Babcock won't react in the locker room throughout the Olympics):

So it's day fizzive of some little sports tournament in Vancouver, not Washington. You thought the city was loud previously? Imagine how much of a gongshow it'll be now that Men's Hockey's starting.

And yes, there are still many other sports ongoing. Support those too, yo. And little Patrick Chan!

Sports schedules and other goodies for the 16th after the jump.

The Schedule:

9:00am  Men's Curling Round Robin
Great Britain vs. Sweden | Norway vs. Canada | USA vs. Germany | Switzerland vs. Denmark

10:00  Men's Super Combined Downhill
          Women's Boardercross Qualifier (Snowboard Cross sounds hokey)

10:30  Women's 10km Biathlon Medal Round

12:00pm  Men's Hockey Preliminary - Group A (USA vs. Switzerland)

12:15-12:45  Women's Boardercross quarterfinal, semifinal, and medal round

12:45  Men's 12.5km Biathlon Medal Round

13:00  Women's Singles Luge
          Women's 500m Speedskating

13:30  Men's Alpine Super Combined Slalom Medal Round

14:00  Women's Curling Round Robin
USA vs. Japan | Denmark vs. Sweden | Germany vs. Russia | Canada vs. Switzerland

14:30  Women's Hockey Preliminary - Group B (Russia vs. USA)

14:50  Women's Singles Luge Medal Round

14:52  Women's 500m Speedskating Medal Round

16:15  Men's Figure Skating Short Program

16:30  Men's Hockey Preliminary - Group A (Canada vs. Norway)

19:00  Men's Curling Round Robin
Canada vs. Germany | China vs. France | USA vs. Norway
          Women's Hockey Preliminary - Group B (Finland vs. China)

21:00  Men's Hockey Preliminary - Group B (Russia vs. Latvia)


Passive Voice's Best Names:

Thomas Mermillod Blondin
Maria Ramberger (A Ramberger! is presumably served with Wrench Fries! and new Pepsi XTRM!)
Jakov Fak
Indrek Tobreluts
Lee-Steve Jackson (British)
Abzal Rakimgaliev
Tore Vikingstad (Be still my heart -not Passive)
Returning stars:
Gold-medal-winner Didier Defago
Natko Zrncic-Dim


Eightyseven's Olympic Hottie Watch:
Kimiko Zakreski, team Canada Snowboarder (via
Simon Fourcade, team France Biathlete (via


FREE.99 Musical Performances Tonight:
Grand Dérangement - 6:00 @ la Place de la Francophonie
Spirit Of Uganda - 8:00 @ Ozone
Skavenjah - 9:00 @ Saskatchewan Pavillion
Alexisonfire - 9:30 @ Livecity Yaletown
Fresh IE - 7:30 @ Livecity Downtown
Buck 65 - 9:30 @ Livecity Downtown
Eliot Brood - 10:00 @ Ontario Pavillion (19+)
The Trews - 10:30 @ Atlantic Canada House (19+)

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