Rivals yes, but thats where it stops

Something I've noticed since I've joined the worldwideweb when looking up stats, history, blogs, philosophy, opinion on all maters concerning the Canucks. It all started with waiting on Stanley and the great job the guys did there and are continuing to do here on Nucks Misconduct. 

This is my rant:

Why do Canucks fans always want to compare our team with the Calgary Flames. Yes I know there is a rivalry, a bitter, and punch you in the face kind of mentality when it comes to the war on words of who has the bigger balls and better team. 

I recently saw a comment where a fan was okay with the Nucks losing cause the Flames has lost too. I know this helps when we are reaching for NW div Supremacy and let me tell you I wish the losing streak continued for the Flames, but the Oilers are hopeless.

But the Canucks I believe are a elite team and should be looking forward at teams like San Jose and Chicago. Instead of looking back at the Flames and continuing to just be better than them. A lot of Canucks fans are pretty content with just beating the Flames and being better than them. Yes we are rivals and it is always good be better than your rivals and put their face in the mud and remind them time and time again that Alberta Beef isn't the solution to all your hockey problems ie Dion Phaneuf, Jerome Iginla, etc.

Lets lose that garbage mentality and focus on elite teams and being better than those guys. Let quit comparing ourselves to the Flames cause when the NUCKS are on, they can beat anyone. (Remember the last meeting with the Hawks?)

Don't get me wrong. I live in Calgary and have to endure the praise and Flaming Lames Fans. So when a big win against the flames , a div title, a huge losing streak plus our winning streak brings me great joy to be rocking the blue and green here in cow town.

But I think the fans need to get off the comparsion charts about how good we are and start looking at what can make the Nucks better than the Hawks, Sharks, Caps, Pens etc.

Lets raise our level of fanship and forget those redneck lames fans alone and look towards possibly catching the a 2 spot or even a 1 spot in the west.

All in all I just want us all to focus on being a better team with the elite than comparing ourselves to a lowly Flames team. That are suffering a major rebuild from the crease out.


PS. Don't jump off the bandwagon, cause if you do, you shouldn't be allowed back on. The current road woes are part of the game.

This is my rant. Fully unedited and off the cuff.

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