A Bit Of "Leafs Are Making The Playoffs!"


  • Mikael Samuelsson will miss the next 3 games as the Canucks will follow the concussion protocol and give him a week to recuperate.
  • Mason Raymond has returned to practice after suffering from the flu. Andrew Alberts has not.
  • Alain Vigneault talked about the Canucks' goalie situation in regards to Corey Schneider's projected 20 starts and said that the schedule has allowed for Roberto Luongo to play in all the games with plenty of breaks in between. He said Schneider will get more starts in January and beyond when more games are played more often. He also mentioned that he wants the Canucks to be where they need to be in the standings before he starts Schneider more. Vancouver needs a bigger spread between themselves and Colorado for the Northwest Division lead.
  • Coach AV said that Keith Ballard's ice time is going to be increased and that he will get a spot on the Canucks' 2nd PP unit. More on all this at the Province.


OK, maybe the Leafs won't make the playoffs but... What a comeback win by Toronto over the Capitals last night. When the Capitals made it 4-1 I fell asleep. Big mistake. What a sweet goal by Grabovski in the shootout. Well, check out the complete madness here:

suffering a leg injury against the Oilers over the weekend.(TSN)
  • Bruins' super rookie Tyler Seguin will not play for Team Canada at the 2011 World Junior Hockey Championships but has chosen to remain with the B's. (TSN)
  • The Blindside Rule is not going to work, Bettman. (Nick Kypreos)
  • PK Subban is not going to play while the Senators Canadiens keep winning and Subban's replacement, Yannik Weber keeps playing so well. Subban remains patient and professional about it. (Sportsnet.ca)
  • Darryl Sutter needs to answer for the Flames' sucktitude. (Globe and Mail) Yeah tell us something we don't already know.
  • "Ron can be a bit sarcastic, but big deal," J.S. Giguere shrugged. "I’d rather have some sarcasm than be yelled at by the coach. There’s never any screaming or tantrums from him. Everybody is different and players have to adjust to whoever is behind the bench. Other than that, look at (Wilson’s) record in the NHL. I think it’s pretty good." via Howard Berger. He doesn't yell or throw tantrums? That surprises me actually. 
  • "Fire one of us, not the coach" says Devils captain Jamie Langenbrunner. (NY Post) The Devils are 8-17-2 and Martin Brodeur is close to returning.
  • MISC

    • Taking Aspirin may reduce the risk of getting cancer. In that case I'm gonna live forever! Oh wait..DAMN YOU, LIVER!
    • Al Pacino read the "Dog Day Afternoon" script when he was drunk and declined the offer. He changed his mind when he read it sober. Also, he credits Oliver Stone for coming up with the infamous line "Say hello to my little friend" from Scarface. More on that at CNN.
    • The benefits of global warming
    • Ron White: Toilet Humor:

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