Your Morning Coffee- Thursday December 23

Sure it was frustrating to lose that game, and to see Luongo not have his best night, but you know something... so what?!?  Considering the high level he's been playing at, we still got a point.  So what if we lost.  Next...

There's absolutely zero time to sit here and think about what might have been, there's a Columbus team eager to get a little revenge against us tonight.  3rd game in 4 nights for the Canucks as they look to head into a 2 day break for Xmas with the division lead intact, and with Colorado playing the Wild and the Pacific Division leading Dallas Stars taking on the sad sack Calgary Flames, the Canucks will need to live up to their end of the bargain to make this happen.

If there's some good news in all of this it's that Columbus has a better road record than they do at home, though they do play much better with Garon in net.  I predict the Canucks come out strong tonight, obviously not satisfied with letting that one slip away from them.  Tightening up defensively needs to be a focus tonight as they simply allowed too many shots last night.

A bowl of Crunch Berries...

The axe finally fell in New Jersey.  Good news, right?  Well, no.  The cult of Lemaire is back in New Jersey.  Again.  Though our old pal Lou tells us it's an interim thing, I think we all know better.  The question now is what will happen first: Another coaching casualty or a Brodeur trade?

Still haven't had a chance to watch 24/7 yet, but the buildup to the Winter 'Classic' gets amped up a notch as the Penguins and Capitals meet.  This one should be worth watching as Sid continues his streak and Ovechkin tries desperately to regain his form.  I also like to watch to see how many different shades of red Bruce Boudreau turns per game...

The NHL's worst road team is in Dallas tonight, and having lost 3 straight you kind of get the feeling that big changes have to be coming in Calgary.  This team has been getting progressively worse over the last couple years as Darryl Sutter has steadfastly fiddled away like a homelier Nero.  The organization seems to be in a blissful denial about just how bad things are: Star players not playing as such, the rest of lineup that would be on most clubs' AHL teams, and thanks to bad trades, not a lot in their own system.  It's pretty obvious they need to blow it up, but they need to do the most important thing if they hope to one day become competitive again: remove all Sutter influence from the squad...

WAACH 'Cast's Band Of The Day- 3 Inches Of Blood

Old school metallers from BC (the band is based in Vancouver, singer Cam Pipes and guitarist Justin Hagberg are from Victoria), combine elements of thrash and speed metal from the 80's with some more modern influences.  Pipes is also a huge Canucks fan, just one more reason to include them here.

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