Your Morning Coffee- Monday December 20

Okay and in addition to Bonestorm, I wanna see something we only see from time to time from the boys in blue & green: I want them to make this team pay.  And I don't mean finding a way to win like they did against the Leafs.  I want a direct, and blunt statement sent out to the St. Louis Blues tonight that tells them "We took the night off last time you played us.  The free ride is over."  That and seeing David Backes and the rest of this chippy, chirpy and undeservedly cocky team pounded into dust.  So yeah, that and Bonestorm.  More after the jump including the band of the day...

It's not gonna be an easy one for the Canucks, despite St. Louis' spot in the standings.  They've been as good as the Canucks at home, and have only lost back to back at home once this season.  The Blues never seem to have trouble getting up for games against the Canucks, so the boys will need to make sure that their compete level and intensity is high from the puck drop, without taking too many penalties, as the Blues have been crushing on the PP lately.

WAACH 'Cast's Band of the Day

Today I wanna get y'all into the Xmas spirit, and who better to do that than Austrian Death Machine.  The brainchild of Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying vocalist) as a parody tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger's films.  They've released two albums (Total Brutal and Double Brutal) as well as a Xmas ep featuring this track:

A poached egg on dry toast

The Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche both won last night, meaning the Canucks got shuffled down to 4th in the Western Conference.  A win will move them back into 3rd and set the stage for the Canucks to take over 1st in the West with a win in Detroit Wednesday night.  They'll need to get past the Blues first, but there's no doubt they will have that as a focus. 

An interesting stat to shove down the throats of Canucks haters this holiday season:  There's only 3 teams that have allowed less goals than the Canucks: Montreal, Boston and Los Angeles.  Interestingly, the Canucks host both the Bruins and Canadiens in a 5 day span in February.

The Capitals managed to win a game last night, squeaking one out over the Ottawa Senators.  That win could be all for naught if the Atlanta Thrashers beat the Leafs tonight.  A Thrashers win will put them back into 1st in the SouthEast Conference.

The other interesting one  (from our perspective) is the Flames in Minnesota to take on the Wild.  After getting man-handled the other night, I'm curious to see how Calgary will respond.  Another lackluster effort could spell trouble for Brent Sutter's tenure as coach.  Oh, wait... that would happen if he coached a franchise with even a marginal grip on reality. 

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