Your Morning Coffee- Sunday December 19

In a way that game mirrored the Leafs themselves.  It didn't live up to the hype, and left a path of disappointment in it's wake.  Sure, we're happy we got the 2 points, but maybe some of you were right.  Maybe there's not much sense in getting worked up for these games against Toronto.  Perhaps approaching the game differently will help us appreciate the win a little more.  So to help with that, here's this morning's musical theme which sums up the Leafs, and is dedicated to the gang at PPP, my way of saying thanks for the kickass nickname :D

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Great job by Sean as always on the post game wrap up, but I did wanna add some thoughts.  The first thing that really stuck with me last night, was that I finally figured out what 'truculence' really means.  Apparently it means you slash.  A lot.  They've officially veered into the 'cheapshot motherfucker' realm with that display last night.  Just a shame we had to make their normally weak penalty killing look so stellar. 

Luongo really seems to be settling into a groove, as his GAA during this recent stretch shows.  That being said, I look forward to seeing more of that red-headed kid, especially in January.  Have you seen January?  3 back to backs, and 14 games in 25 days.  That stretch will really determine our season, methinks.

It was nice to see Ehrhoff back in the lineup, and overall the defense was solid last night.  Bieksa was good again last night, and they got the job done.  So that raises the question... What's more important: Getting the win, or how you win it?  My personal thought is while it would be nice if the Canucks' play would have more accurately reflected the score, if you want style points you should go watch figure skating.  Yes it's frustrating they don't play with the same kind of passion against the Leafs as they against say, Detroit or Chicago.  All last night seemed to prove is that they don't have to.  With a spat of six important games coming in the next two weeks, and that hellish stretch in January, I think getting the job done is probably more important than how they do it.

Tomorrow night they head to St. Louis for a chance at redemption against the Blues.  This one does differ from my theory though, as it's important to send a message to the jerks after that gift-wrapped 2 points they gave them 14 days ago.  It will also give them some momentum heading into Detroit Wednesday night.

A bowl of Mini Wheats with banana

Lots going on last night, from the jaw-dropping skid of the Washington Capitals, to the continuing fall from grace of Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils.  How bizarre is it to see the Atlanta Thrashers in the top 8, let alone leading their division.  The losing streak the Caps are on helped them a ton, but the Thrashers are playing some good hockey right now.  That being said, the tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist in me gets a sick feeling in his stomach when he sees this, because it looks very, very familiar. 

The Calgary Flames served up a stinker on home ice again, losing 3-1 to the Minnesota Wild.  I cannot fathom how anyone with the name of Sutter still has a job with this organization, and you have to think that the Flames ownership group has to be thinking it may be time to blow it all up and start over.  There's no type of rebuilding program, nothing that shows they're trying to get better.  As much as we as Canucks fans love to revel in the misery of our divisional rivals, it's gotta really suck to be a Flames fan.  We went through this in the past, and the organization took steps to improve the team.  The most disheartening thing for hockey fans in Calgary has to be every day that passes with a seeming rubber stamp from coaching and management that things aren't so bad, and they can still make the playoffs.

The question remains:  Which coach will be first to go?  MacLean in New Jersey, Sutter in Calgary, Boudreau in Washington?  Smart money has to be on MacLean, but in all of these situations, you could also just as easily fire the GM methinks.  Don Cherry thinks Ted Leonsis will pull the trigger on Boudreau despite a vote of confidence from GM George McPhee.  I think he could be right on this one.

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