Canucks Beat Leafs...Again

Well, that was the 8th straight time the Canucks have beaten the Leafs since 2003 and Alain Vigneault's 200th win as a Canucks coach. May as well tack another year onto the undefeated stat/streak because that was the last time Vancouver plays Toronto this season..unless the unforseeable happens (right Chuckles?) However, Tony Gallagher echoed my sentiments post game: many ways, this very good team seems to be amusing itself with an odd sort of game these days.

It goes something like this.

Just how lacking in energy can we play and still win?

Just how indifferent a start can we have and still pull it out? Just how little energy can we actually put into a game and still come out with some points?

And strangely on Saturday a new variation, just how many power play opportunities can we fritter away and still walk off with smiles on our kisser?

Too grinchy for you? Well I think Tony G is on to something here. The Canucks looked overly composed to me. Overly confident. They didn't press all that hard, or as hard as they could have, being the dominant team. It's in their body language on the ice. I loved the win, make no mistake. But great teams like Detroit work hard and don't toy around like this. They go out and kick ass, right?

Did you miss the game?
a) What the hell were you thinking?
b) Here are the highlights:

-2 points for Burrows, Bieksa and Hansen.

-Christian Ehrhoff may have scored a goal but finished an even +/- and made more mistakes. I'm not impressed.

-Apparently Alain Vigneault saw a lot of jump from Jannik Hansen (so did we) and promoted him to line 2 with Kesler and Tambellini. That was a wise move.

-Sweet Jesus, the Leafs look like a bunch of 3rd liners.

-Another tough night hey Burke?


  • Kevin Bieksa played more than any other Canuck and finished a +3. His play continues to excel.
  • Canucks take back 1st place in the Northwest and are only trailing the Red Wings by 3 points for 1st overall in the West.
  • The Green Men warned Phil Kessel not to take any penalties because they would put on a show for him in the P-Box. Instead (or even better!) I guess Mike Komisarek and Kris (FU) Versteeg didn't get the memo, as the Green Guys didn't disappoint tonight! (hat tip Canuckism for posting the Fanshot) Here is a sample gif (Tim Brent curses the day waffles were created):



    DJ Steve Porter is at it again, this time with a Don Cherry mix, as shown on Coach's Corner tonight. Beauty!

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