Random Canucks / NHL musings


1) Great time to be a Canucks fan. I've been following this team for 11+ years, and this year's troop is the most amazing I've ever witnessed.

The nucks during the Naslund-Bertuzzi era were mighty. They were solid when Roberto combined with the D to stymie opponents night after night during 06-07, his 1st season here. But this current version has been the funnest to follow. Not only because of their record so far, but because of the way they achieved what they have to date.

Playing with skill, sense, heart, grit, determination. Competent at all facets of the game.

The only time when I got so caught up with these Canucks were during the tail end of the 99-00 season when Naslund and Messier et al made an epic push toward respectibility and making the playoffs. During that time they recorded some big gutsy win against quality opponents and mounted some monumental 3rd period combacks vs other great teams to earn precious standing points. Their effort eventually fell short but their play made their fans proud.

And this year's team is essentially playing the same way as the 99-00 Nucks. Only that we have 10 times as much skill as that team from 10 years ago.

2) I wonder why people worry about our 14 game trip......well, certainly not worried about the 1st leg. After all we're playing the leasts from the east (the beast we've slain them all already!) who we own. Some people also point to our sub-500 road record. But 8 of the 12 losses were incurred in Oct and Nov when we had yet to get our acts together. Here's to hope the Canucks back up my words with a convinging 7-2 win in COTU.

3) Funny how some people were calling for Bieksa to be traded when he was playing like crap / had his ice time cut us before he got injured. Now that we lost both Mitchell and Salo as well, these same people are saying "we're missing our 3 best defensemen". Go figure.

4) Here are 2 rule changes that I've pondered for quite some time, changes that the NHL can make in order to jack up the scoring, which has dropped every year since the lockout.

a) No line changes (for the defensive team) during any defensive zone faceoff. This should create more favourable situations for the offensive team.

b) Goalies may not freeze the puck if their skates aren't touching the crease. For example. The goalie went way outside the blue paint to challenge the shooter, making a glove save in the process. Since he's so far out I think he's fair game. Even when other offensive forwards are skating onto you. Drop and play the puck or delay of game.

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