Stay Classy Vancouver

So this is the story... I moved to Calgary from Vancouver about 5 years ago. Now before you ask the question, why the hell would you do that? Life does revolve around other things than just the Canucks but some would argue that. So with certain circumstances on the arise I dreaded the idea but finally moved out here.

I experienced my first game away from GM place, wearing my Nucks colors at the Saddledome. Curses followed, especially when the Nucks lost in Calgary. Each game that I've gone to at the dome when the Nucks play. We see more of the green and blue. It must annoy the hell out of Flames fans. Flames fans do a hell of a good job covering the dome with Red. So when the Nucks come into town you get the mass amount of Vancouverites who have made the brave move here to invade the saddledome.

Last year I had my flag up during the playoff run. At first I would take my flag down when I was traveling around town. In fear that someone would rip, burn or even break my window in sheer stupidity. But I got ballsy and started leaving it up. My car was dusty one day and I left it in front of the bestbuy parking lot. When I came back, a big heart with the Flames logo was drawn on the back of my rear window.

Last month I purchased a Vancouver Canucks Decal for my car to show my pride for the team in the midst of rival territory.

Today I was driving over to my girlfriends house minding my own business when a packed car full of teenagers started hurling insults and flipping me the bird at a stop light. I wanted to retort back but decided "whats the use". I actually wanted to pull in front of them and grab my hockey stick and started swinging away Marty McSorely style but... I love my team and will always cheer for the Nucks. But there comes a line when people are entitled to cheer for the team they love regardless of what city you are in.

I guess my little rant is this: Stay Classy. Yah a bit of banter and trash talk is good between friends and even complete strangers. It brings a good sense of atmosphere to the game. But when you are throwing profanities off the wah zoo from your car in the middle of traffic with your punk friends it ain't classy. 

My uncle is from Calgary and went down to Van to see the beautiful sites. He was wearing his Flames hat. Some Nucks fan spat on him. Shameful.

All I ask at the end from all Nucks fans is to have some class when rival fans come to visit. Yes a little boo here or there never really hurt anyone. It is expected. As do I expect the same hostility here in Cowtown. But to be disrespected with derogatory slurs and comments is pure shameful regardless if its sports or anything for that matter.

My roomate(Flames fan) and I are hosting a Nucks/Flames party Oct 1st. We've got 6 TVs in the house. So we are doing a Nucks upper level seating and  a Flames main floor seating for our guest. Under one roof enjoying the sport we love. 

Yes it is fun when the other team loses and we get a little piece of glory. But it is fun to enjoy with friends who love the sport and can share a few laughs and a good rivalry throughout the season. 

So this season Nucks fans around the world. Stay Classy. Cause when it is our turn to hoist the Cup. It will be that much sweeter when we do with class.

GO CANUCKS GO! from Cowtown


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