The sharpness of the Razor isn't what we should worry about...

Okay so the Canucks finally revealed the mystery to who would play behind Roberto Luongo. Andrew Raycroft isn't something to write home about and some fan comments here and on CDC have made him out to be Dan Cloutier reincarnate. But when it comes to backups in the NHL it all falls soley on the shoulders of the guys in front of him and the work ethic of the forwards playing some solid 2 way action.

More often than not, I see backups get lit up because the team seems to play uninspired hockey. If I'm (if im reaching, save the flaming for another day) not correct, most players realize that when you throw your backup in to play... it is a gimmie for the other team. (they might be playing a non div team, the 2 pts isn't worth it the effort if we have a our backup in, NO. 1 just needs a rest etc.)

I live in Calgary and have watched the Flames D put Curtis McElhinney put out to dry. They seem to think that it is his job to score goals, back check and put guys into the dasher while stopping 30+ shots on net. 

This goes for any backup. The D and Fowards need to play for the guy between the pipes when No. 2 gets thrown in there to be fed by the lions. I've played enough hockey and when the No.1 gets pulled in a huge shalacking... you know you probably pot a few more goals cause the backup has the mindset to try and stop a few shots to make the debacle less painful then it already is.

The Canucks D is something that Canucks fans need to be worried about. With Ohlunds departure, Long stick Mitchell, Sami "Glass" Salo, Juice, SOB 19 ptnly mins a gm, Edler need to work to give the 2 spot goalie a chance to play.

Raycroft will need to do his part (softies and all) but the team can win it for often than not if they play sound D.Barbs was great and wished he had stayed in Van. And the team sorta rallyed around him when Lui was going to be out for awhile. So they knew they needed to play a little harder till Lui was ready. But Canuck Coaches need to get a little more push when those 2 pts are up for grabs when Razor is in net.



With this move, and hopefully a long extension for Lui. Does this mean CS is on his way out and a potential Superstar D man or forward is going to be traded this way?

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