Second City Hockey's Handshake


Matthew's (aka ChicagoKill) Side:

I'll start this off with finally admitting something that we only barely mentioned before this series - The Canucks scared the shit out of me.  There's a reason we were hoping for the Canucks to take the 3rd seed, we wanted absolutely no piece of your team in the first round.

I tried to downplay "experience" as a big factor in this series or in the playoffs in general but in no way did we want the Hawks to have to learn how to play playoff hockey against a team as solid as the Canucks. You've got depth in offense, defense and an unreal goalie..

The Sedins are obviously an easy target but they're unreal players - who wouldn't want a line that includes players who just know where the other will be?  They could tone down the whole creepy factor by about 94% though and that'd be cool.  They really aren't doing themselves any favors.

Like most, I didn't understand making Luongo captain of the team at the start of the year.  I thought it was one of those "make your best player captain/Kovalchuk" kinda deals.  But listening to him in the post game interviews, especially after last night, I get it. 

Not only can he win a game by himself if he's hot - but he looks like he's going to be a hell of a captain.  I certainly wouldn't want to face him again next year when he's hellbent on redemption. For the life of me, I have no idea what got into Buff.. We understand that you probably hate him now, we did too until about a month ago.

Finally - a huge thanks to Yankee Canuck and Zanstorm and all the rest of you at this site.  I didn't think it was possible to get along with other fans so well during a hard fought playoff series.  I guess it helped that both sides had our fair amount of trolls to direct all anger and bans towards.  This a great blog with passionate fans who bring the funny and the smart. 

It's with great pride I'll cut the check for Nucks for Kids Foundation too - thanks to all of you who dropped some dough for Blackhawks Charities.  It's much appreciated and it's yet another reason I love this blog.

/sappy shit

Hope you'll join us in hatred of all things Detroit (or Anaheim I guess).. no hard feelings, yeah?

Sam's Take:

I can't disagree with my comrade Matt, when this series started I thought it was simply a bridge too far for our Hawks.  I thought the Canucks were just too solid a team.  And I still do, I just didn't realize it would bring all the best things out in us.  Congrats on a series well-played.  I get the feeling this won't be the last time we do this in the years to come.  Even though he didn't have the best series, I love Ryan Kesler.  Like, more than a man should love another man.  I think he should be wearing the "C" next season, but I digress from a Hawks fans telling you what to do.

A special thank you to Zanstorm and Yankee for being so helpful on our blog and especially our Q&A section in the Indian.  I never game them  much time, and they always came back with great work.  (Raised glass).  To all of you who chipped in our site (except for that one guy) thanks for helping to create such a fun place to be a part of.  I know the three of us are pretty much shocked at what our blog has become, in a good way, and you're partly to thank.  We'll be seeing you down the road, and I'll hope you'll consider joining the bandwagon for our upcoming battle against either Anaheim or Scum, because really, who wants to root for those douchebags?

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