Game 6: So it ends

How do I feel? Crappy. How will I feel tomorrow? Crappy cause I'm at work. 7-5 who would of thought it would end like that? I honestly didn't think I was going to the amusement park to ride the roller coaster of all roller coasters. It was up and down from start to finish and the ride ended with throw up all over my shoes.

I thought some of the refs had some missed calls. Kesler getting hit by Ladd should of been an interference call, as should the Edler hit from Eager. Ladd left his feet and the puck was no where near Kesler. Now I'm not saying this would of won the game if the Canucks went on a PP but it sure would of stop momentum for the Hawks. Refs are human, but make sure to call the right calls.

Mats Sundin:

Mats answered the call tonight unfortunately not enough. Personally I think Mats is a bust this year. The 10 million dollar experiment is over and done with. Either Mats stays on for a significant pay cut or retires. Big name players is rare when it comes to the Canucks, so this year was made interesting when the big swede finally signed. It was nice to have yah sell a couple more jerseys to Maple Leaf fans living in Vancouver.

Verdict on the Sedins:

Sign'em. Other fans hate them, but if they were on your team you'd love them. Anybody saying they wouldn't want them on their team is a liar. Just make sure you don't over pay them. That's the key with any player. They produce points and are a threat in the offensive zone. Highly skilled and exciting to watch them play together. Playoff performance was a B- far better than 2 years ago.

Roberto Luongo:

He chose a bad night to be soft. I would say some of the goals were lucky. And in this case "you got to be good to be lucky". It is unfortunate that both d men missed the puck and allowed kane to tuck that wrap around in. It is unfortunate that Edlers skate was pointing the direction it was. In part the D and Forwards should of played harder to get the puck out of the zone. Too many blown opportunities and relying on Lui to stop them all isn't the best option. But twice Luongo was beat high glove side. I feel at Robertos caliber he should of had them. Maybe I'm asking to much, but around the league they call him the best goaltender in the world. Tonight's effort was sub par(C-). I'm not quitting on Lui. Cause he is a essential part of this team. He is one of the reasons why the Canucks are where they are at.But tonight was not the night for number 1.

The team really showed heart tonight. My biggest fear was not losing but that they would of lost in a blow out and didn't leave it all out on the ice. Being down 3-1 is a scary thing when you are a Canucks fan. They struggle from time to time to find offense and I thought that the game was done sort of (I'm a great optimist though). But they climbed out of the hole and even gained the lead twice. I felt all series they gave Kane too much room to work his game. I didn't see any tough physical play on either Toews or Kane. They never shadowed either guy. Keith and Seabrook were matching up with the Sedins and it seemed to work. The Canucks did out shoot the Hawks, which they didn't do all series. Awesome effort tonight but too little, too late. Hawks were the better team through out.

All in all...

I'm really proud of what the Canucks accomplished this year. Northwest Division Champs. Burrows and Kesler had great years. Career years in fact. Wellwood was a great surprise and his playoff push was great. I really respect pudge from where he started the year to the last shift he played on the ice. The D played well and stayed healthy for once. Salo eh... not so much. But I think there will be changes. I personally would like Ohlund to stay. But who knows Jay Bo rumors are in the mix. Bernier still needs to find the net. He is developing and we need to stick with that guy. Ryan Johnson is a character player we need to have. Mason Raymonds hockey sense is getting there. I was a hater, but he made me a believer I'm expecting big things if he stays with the club. Pyatt, to show up and play is courageous. This Canucks team has been the best Canucks team in awhile. Yes I'm disappointed that we couldn't get further or win the cup this year. But what fan wouldn't be. And the future is bright Cody Hodgson is on his way, Micheal Grabner will be an exciting call up, Yann Sauve and Corey Schneider are all waiting in the wings. It has been awhile since the Canucks can look forward to up and coming prospects.

The rest of the post season:

I hope the Caps keep going. If the Wings win, I think the Hawks are going to struggle. Patrick Kane's comment of a "magical run" is going to hit the wall soon. Cause the Wings are like the Hawks with speed, skill and depth. But the Wings have grit, great experience and tremendous killer instinct. I'm not saying this cause the Hawks beat the Canucks. Because if the Canucks made it through to the 3rd round, I think the Canucks would of had a tougher time than the Hawks. So good luck to you Kane and your magical run. I think the Canes can upset the Bruins.

And since I live in Flames territory: Take your shots, rejoice while you can. For we too will be on the greens soon enough, thanks for warming our seats. Oh October is so far away. I love my team: GO CANUCKS GO!

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