Ducks 6 Canucks 5: Halloween all over again

What is it about these 2 teams and their crazy shootout games? This one was a flashback toOctober 31 when the Canucks won 7-6 in a shootout over the Ducks. This time the Ducks prevailed and got their crucial 2 points.

There is not too much point in getting overly analytical about this game.

-Both teams blew 2-goal leads.

-I wanted the Canucks to tighten up when they made it 4-2, but they chose to run and gun instead. The Ducks made them pay for it.

-That being said, either team could have won this one. It was a thriller.

-The Sedins-Burrows line were on fire all night but they didn't get a lot of help.

-The RPM Line FAILED. Sundin...what the hell is wrong with you? You look completely lost out there. Demitra was sub-par himself, yet Kesler really put out a great effort.

-I'd bag on Luongo but I'll skip it. It was just one of those games. He wasn't a game stealer tonight but he didn't get a lot of help either.

-I know the 3rd line was good tonight, but for Vigneault to reward Wellwood's efforts with a shootout opportunity was wrong. He may as well have put the Sedins and Burrows out there if you want to talk about players earning a chance to win it in a shootout.

-On a positive note, the Canucks did battle hard, even though they were probably tired after that road trip and even down 2-0. But don't get me wrong...Sundin and Demitra failed...and they shouldn't, considering the money they make. If I drank every time Sundin failed I wouldn't be typing right now, rather, sleeping and drooling on my keyboard.

-One point is better than none. The Canucks lost the top spot in the Northwest Division tonight, but still sit in 4th, 1 point ahead of the Hawks. They will have some great chances to reclaim the NW crown in their final games. This is a great race, no doubt.

-It doesn't hurt so bad to witness a Canucks loss after they have done so well, does it?


-Mats Sundin: zero points, 1 shot on goal and a -2. Sundin played 15:43, and there were times where he sat out because AV said so. Demitra played 18:14 and Kesler played a monstrous 19:43.

-3 points each for Hank and Dank. 2 points for Bank (Burrows). Do the math. These guys are gold. Daniel Sedin had 7 shots!The Sedins have set a collective personal high in goals in a season and yes, it is a contract year.

Burrows got his 100th and 101st points tonight which blows my mind. He has scored 48.5% of his career points in this season alone.


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