My review of the 2008-2009 roster

I usually do this annually for another message board:

Bernier - I expected him to play with the twin and get at least 20 goals, but he just can't seem to finish often enough and doesn't really have good puck sense. His role on the third line suits him better IMO, he does lead the team in hits and puts forth a lot of effort. He'll probably get extended for another year or two for around $1.2mil per. C+

Bieksa - Led defencemen in points, as expected. Aside from a few defensive lapses and taking some bad penalties, I don't have any complaints about what he does. B+

Burrows - What can you say? He has surpassed everyone's expectations and has become a team leader. I don't think anybody has scored more big goals than him. Gotta love this guy. A+

Davison - Was okay in his role as a reserve defenceman. C-

Demitra - Disappeared at times during the first half but very consistent post-All Star break, fits well as the playmaker on the RPM line. He basically replaced Naslund's points at a cheaper cost. B

Edler - Established new career numbers. Solid, quiet puck mover. You only notice him when he makes a mistake. And he's only 22. B

Hansen - Had great chemistry as part of the third line with Kes/Burr at the start. Injury has kind of "ruined" his first full season (30 pts pace is respectable). C+

Hordichuk - Finally a legitimate heavyweight who isn't a liable on the ice and a great teammate. C+

Johnson - Did what he does best effectively (energy role, block shots, PK), day in day out. B-

Kesler - Built on his breakout season last year, establish new career bests. Plays every situation efficiently. A+

LaBarbera - Solid backup. B-

Luongo - Scary numbers (9 shutouts) despite playing only 54 games. Aside from that stretch where he was giving up bad goals every game, no complaints. A

Mitchell - Career year, and a +29... damn. Has been very solid all year long. A

O'Brien - Pretty solid as the 6th D-man. Too many bad penalties though. C+

Ohlund - Just an all-out warrior. Didn't get his usual 30 points as he wasn't relied on as much. Gonna miss him next year. B

Pyatt - Has been regulated to 3rd line duties and performed well. Also an effective PKer now too. C+

Raymond - Started off nice but just ran into a wall. Has done okay in PK roles. Doesn't play edgy enough as he's pretty slight. C-

Rypien - Loves this guy's hustle and heart, it's such a shame that he can't stay healthy. INCOMPLETE

Salo - Probably the best puck mover on the team. The team is 36-17-7 with him in the lineup, and 9-10-3 without him. B+

Sedin (D) - Another solid season for Daniel. Not much else to say. A

Sedin (H) - Has shown that he can score some slick goals along with being an elite passer. A+

Sundin - Extrapolate his numbers out to a full season and he put up 58 points, well below expectations. It doesn't look like he can keep up with the speed of the western conference. But his size and skill helps draw other teams' attention to create space for his linemates. C

Vaananen - Hasn't played enough to judge, but appears to be a solid 7th D-man and teammate. INCOMPLETE

Wellwood - Started off on fire with some nice goals, but then hit a wall. Regulated to the 3rd line and has surprisingly done well. 18 goals for less than $1mil is a steal IMO. B

Overall, I'm sure the team has surpassed everyone's expectations. I know that lots of analysts had them not even sniffing the playoffs. FWIW, I had them sneaking in.

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