@ The Flames/Canucks game last night 5-3 Final

Hey folks.. just wanted to share our story as we went to the saddle dome (lions den) last night.

In attendance: Myself (Calgary) My buddy and his wife (Calgary), My Girlfriend Brother (Nova Scotia)   and 8 friends who made the trip to cowtown from Vancouver.

We arrived at the dome with little hostility. As I walked down 17th ave (red mile) There were a few smirks and dissatisfying grins as people realized we were all wearing the blue and green. 8 of us were representing the green and blue and the other two were wearing the old black orca jersey. Gavin from Nova Scotia is a habs fan but decided it be best to wear a nucks jerseys amongst the group. This was his first NHL game.

I felt from both Nucks fans and fLAMES fans were hesitant to trash talk or say any friendly banter. Both teams had something to prove. End the losing streak(FLAMES) or continue to win(Prove to NUCKS nation that we can survive the injury bug).

We posted up in the Sportchek Zone. Where most Nucks fans are able to find tickets.

Puck Drop:

The Nucks looked slow and out of place. Body language showed to me that they lack any kind of confidence. Bieska looked like Shane O'Brien and SOB looked like Brent Sopel of the 90's. All ten of us were pretty steamed after the Flames went up 5-0.

To me it was uninspired hockey by the Canucks. I saw more 4th line shifts than I have ever seen before. Before the game they played a little video interview with Jerome before the game. He looked pumped to beat the Canucks. He talked about the hate they have for the guys in the canuck locker room. And with those words it translated all onto ice. Hordichuck got pummeled at the end. Our d men were being hit left and right and the forwards were dumped at the Flames Blue line.

With that all being said. We were getting hammered with heckles and boos, laughter and the loudest LUONGO jeers from the Flames fans. It was hard to stomach. Going to this game we put not just our hockey allegiance out there... but our Prides. 

So in light of the recent award we got from being the most annoying fans. We decided to cheer regardless of the score. Small pockets of GO CANUCKS GO started but were soon drowned by Go Flames Go.

After Rypien scored his goal we decided to chant TRY CANUCKS TRY (In lieu of GO CANUCKS GO!) and SKATE! SKATE! SKATE! Just to make light of the fact that we were still gonna cheer with the reality that this game was almost over.

Some NUCKS Fans started to cheer CHICAGO! CHICAGO! after the NUCKS score the 2nd and 3rd goal. The mood at that point made the Flames fans a little less boastful. We were hoping for some sort of miracle. But in all reality... we aren't the blackhawks.

Damm ref and his call on Burrs. That pretty much stop any momentum on the ice and in the stands. The Nucks fans stood there puzzled and wondering what is going on with our captain.

Game over. The walk of shame to our cars.

With a little more to boast about. Flames fans were all over us. I smiled back and kept on walking. Frustrated and cold. I was pissed with the teams effort. I love those guys but hey sometimes those you love piss you off the most.

Overall: D

They made it sort of a game at the end. But yet again the old saying proves to be the mission statement of the NUCKS "To little too late" Thanks for making your fans look like idiots in the stands.

Big game tonight. Our next door bottem feeder neighbors the Minnesota Wild. Lets go out and destroy them. I need a win this week. This has got to be it. GO CANUCKS GO!

Here's to you in COWTOWN raising hell for the blue and green machine!

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