R2 G2 Liveblog

9:53 - I'm in the middle of a few things, but will update when the good stuff happens (or bad I guess too!). In the meantime, go Canucks go for christ sakes!

10:22 - A great start for Vancouver. A PP and tons of pressure. This is exactly what they need.

10:37 - It's like 10-2 shots in favor of the Canucks. And Willie Mitchell has gone to the dressing room. Take the good with the bad I guess.

10:39 - Parros = Massive fucking idiot. Put him on the ice more if he's going to be just a moron. It would be sweet if a goal was notched here.

10:46 - End of the first and it was all Vancouver. Still no score, so its not all good news. But that was as strong a period as you could hope for.

11:05 - Canucks start another period strongly? Wow, they really are pressing the game so far. Very very impressive considering game one's results.

11:08 - The Sedins and Pyatt just had a wonderful flurry in front of Giguere. This impressive play just keeps going; they really need to be rewarded with a goal for this effort. C'mon fate, help a Canadian brother out!

11:11 - If Mitchell is still playing so this team doesn't have its top three defensemen gone at once, then he deserves a medal, a new house, a beautiful car and some nicely aged whiskey...because he's a hero.

11:14 - Speaking of hero, how about our captain stealing the puck from Pronger and getting the first goal of this game? Fucking A Markus, keep 'em coming. 1-0 Vancouver.

11:21 - Now it's Luongo's turn to be the hero...standing on his head during a Duck powerplay to keep the Canucks in the lead. I know I mentioned it before, but it's SO nice to be in the playoffs without a Cloutier in there. I wonder if he's watching...

11:24 - Fucking hell...Lui made a sick save on Selanne only to have some Duck...Moen I think...pops it in. 1-1.

11:26 - AHHH!!! A Luongo mental hiccup almost gave the Ducks the lead. I blame myself, I mentioned Cloutier and he played like him for a second...sorry about that! I won't do that again...

11:37 - Ducks are pushing back and the latter half of this period has been far more even then the first. And, as I'm typing that, Hansen made a great play and got off a good shot too. Nuts. Go you wacky Dane go.

11:39 - And the Ducks take a page from the Stars playbook and decide to simply run at Luongo. Or at least clip him which is what it seems like fucked up neck boy just did. Nice one Ducks, you cancelled out the power play you were going to get. Now Parros and fucked up neck are on my shit list.

11:46 - Hey BURKE! Luongo is not Italian for "fucking slam into me whenever the hell you want". Sorry, I couldn't help it...I'm timely right? I'm here all week folks! Tip your waitresses! Canucks to the power play...

11:54 - So we have another 1-1 game going into the third. My this feels familiar. But you have to hand it to Vancouver, they've played really well tonight. Naslund especially, he's possessed out there. It's a pleasure to see.

12:05- Canucks start the third on the powerplay, let's see what they can do to NOT have this game go into OT.

12:12 - Jesus the Ducks move the puck quickly. It's impressive...Selanne sent one right off the left post or otherwise this is a Ducks game with 13 minutes to go.

12:17 - Naslund just hugged Getzlaf and gets two minutes. Meanwhile Orbs decides to high stick his own player Selanne in the face and his face is all kinds of messed up. Tisk tisk...

12:20 - The Sedins have been awful quiet tonight. Now would be an ideal time to get them going.

12:22 - Anyone remember when Selanne was an Av and he sucked? Those were fun times. He played with his partner Kariya and that experiment didn't work so well. Sort of makes me hate the Avs more now that I just thought of it.

12:25 - SOPEL!!!! GRRRRRRR...Cut your hair.

12:27 - Honestly, how Luongo doesn't pull a Mclennan on one of these guys is beyond me...this is why I could never be a real player. Too hot headed.

12:30 - Nieds gives a high stick to Mitchell's face and now the Canucks will get a 5th shorten power play. Mitchell, by the way, has got to be a big pile of hurt right now.

12:40 - This period is almost done...I fear I may be up all night. One minute to go...

12:42 - And we're headed for overtime. I knew I shouldn't have made plans for early in the morning. On the plus side, the Canucks have been fantastic overall tonight. They made the right adjustments and the Ducks are no where near as superior in all aspects of the ice as they were in game one. Now, can the Canucks get the OT win and gain home ice advantage for game three? They certainly deserve it, so let's see which guy on what team feels like being the man tonight.

12:49 - By the by, I am forced to watch Versus tonight. Strader's annoyance factor has plummeted since Versus gave Beezer a one way pass to the funny farm. I didn't catch the color guy's name, but he has a Boston accent it sounds like and has been very good tonight. Fair to both sides, good comments...son of a bitch, it's little Vs is maturing!

12:58 - And the first OT begins and Pyatt JUST misses the game winner in the opening minute. Damn it...for the first time tonight, it seems like the crowd is awake and making noise.

1:04 - Either the Ducks drank espresso during the intermission or the ice is getting crappy out there (or just crappier then usual). Guys are randomly falling left and right it seems. A few more OT's and it WILL be a pond.


1:18 - Both goalies are doing that strange "getting better the longer it goes" thing. I wonder if must Duck fans are excited/nervous for the OT and Vancouver fans are like "please don't make this four of them".

1:20 - Nazzy's had a great game, but if I'm not mistaken, this could be his third call of the night. This one may cost him and the team. Or a Bulis short handed tally? Let's think outside the box here...

1:23 - Bulis had a nice rush up ice, but the more important thing is that the Canucks killed another one off.

1:27 - YAWN...people, seriously, I worked all day. I'm tired. Just let Naslund strip the puck from Pronger again, get away with a high stick on Parros, flip Nieds upside down, deke around mutant neck and five hole Giguere so we can all go to sleep!!! OT #2 coming shortly...

1:32 - A quick look at the stats: Sopel is leading the Canucks in icetime with 35:28, Beauchemin for the Ducks at 38:14, my new mortal enemy Parros has only played 2:06 and Thornton has played just :58 seconds. Wow. 80 minutes and he's gotten less then one. Smart move on Carlyle's end...no reason to take a boneheaded penalty like the Canucks often excel at!

1:44 - And the second OT starts with Vs showing a beautiful blond in the stands. OK, as long as they keep doing that, I'll keep watching. Oh yeah...and that whole hockey thing too. Yeah, I didn't forget.

1:49 - I demand all women in the lower mainland take their bras off if Cowan scores the winner. It's been decreed and you've been warned.

1:52 - The Canucks look far more fatigued then the Ducks early in the second OT. Not sure if it's a cumulative thing from the Dallas series or just that containing the Ducks for 60 minutes alone is exhausting enough...they'll need to dig deeper though since I don't this Giguere is going to give up a goal from the blueline as they try and enter the zone.

1:57 - Hahahahahahahahahaha....TAKE YOUR BRAS OFF LADIES! Cowan with the gamewinner on an impossible angle that Giguere no doubt is in the dressing room punching walls over now. Amazing heart this team showed in the first 60 mi
nutes and they now improve to a 3-1 in the OT this post season.

Post Game: Wow, I am damned impressed with this team. They took some bad calls as always, but their overall game was vastly improved. A night and day difference between games one and two. Vancouver didn't get pushed around, they learned to block shots and take away the shooting lanes, they jumped up and activated the few D men left standing and they just kept pushing and pushing. Both Canuck goals were efforts of just that.

The critics said this would be over in a heart beat. And technically it still can be a five game series obviously. But I don't think it's a cake walk for Anaheim like they all said anymore. The statement seemed to be tonight that Vancouver isn't a push over and they can hang with the more stacked Ducks team. The Canucks gave them the first game and took the second by a hair; it's a best of three now and we move to GM Place on Sunday.

I'm seeing double, so I'll see everyone then. G'night. Go Canucks Go...2-1 Final, 2OT.

Morning Update: A brilliant Cowan website if case you wanted to show the love.

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